Hispanic Heritage Project - Famous Latinos.  
Due Date: 10 / 02 - 05 /2018
Subject: Spanish

Hispanic Heritage Project - FAMOUS LATINOS

Supreme Court Justice

Sonia Sotomayor

Appointed by President Barack Obama in 2009, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Soto mayor was born to Puerto Rican parents but grew up in the Bronx, New York.

(Information taken from White House Press Office)

Picture taken from

1.      ORAL PRESENTATION PROJECT DUE: Martes 02  to  viernes  05, de Octubre, del  2018 .

 This is a test grade of 100.

 In order to receive a 100 this entire sheet must be completed and oral presentation must
be clear, and information must be accurate.

Objective: To allow students to research about some Hispanic who have become historical heroes 

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to give students a better understanding of the great 
contributions to art, literature, politics, athletics, etc. that Hispanics have given society.

Project Description: Students will investigate the lives and contributions of famous Hispanics 

from various Spanish-speaking countries. After conducting extensive research, students will 
present their findings in the form of a Power Point, poster board, or a dress-up where they speak 
about "their" lives?

Product: This project can take on many forms. Students have the option of presenting their 

information in one of the following ways:

1)  PowerPoint

2)  Poster Board

3)  Dress-up

All must contain the following:

Biographical Information:

o        Birth Date

o        Nationality-where were they born?

o  How are they Hispanic? Are they from a Spanish-speaking country or are they Hispanic 
   through blood lines (heritage)


o        A picture of the person

o        A map of where they come from

o        Any additional visual (ex. if a painter samples of their work)


2.      Teacher will assign a famous person to you.

3.Write the name of the person on this sheet: _______________________________ _

4.Go to the following website:


6.       Search for your person

7.      Complete the bottom portion of this sheet

8.  Present all information to the class on Martes 02, Viernes 02 de octubre, 2018. No exceptions!

Note: You may look on other sites on the internet or look in a book

If you do use other sources you must list them here on this sheet. You must copy the web
site address, or the title of the book that you used to get the information.


Name of Famous Latino: ___________________________________________.

List Five Facts about This Person:____________________________________,_________________________________________,


Why Are the Person's Contributions or Accomplishments Important? ___________________________________________________



Why is this person a famous 
Hispanic? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________



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